1. Are you a twin?

2. Are you the other twin?

3. Are twins natural?

4. Are twins real?

5. How old were you when you realized that you were a twin?

6. Are you a fraternal twin, or an identical twin? If not, why?

7. Do you have a “twin language?”

8. Is it the same “twin language” your twin uses?

9. Can you understand my language?

10. Which twin is better?

11. Can there ever be any more than two twins?

12. Can there ever be any less than two twins?

13. Do you look like your twin?

14. What are twins?

15. Do you think that both of you will go to Heaven when you die?

16. Can only one of you go to Heaven when you die so God doesn’t get confused?

17. Have you ever pulled a Classic Twinsy Switcheroo?

18. After the Classic Twinsy Switcheroo, did you remember to switch back?

19. Would you pull a Classic Twinsy Switcheroo if one of you went to Heaven and one of you went to Hell?

20. Is it true that while only one twin may be awake at any one time?

21. Do you ever merge and become one?

22. Like on your birthday?

23. Do you have the same birthday?


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