I know it sounds insane, but Hollywood producers don’t know everything! Here’s a list of some of the biggest movies of all time that almost never came to be because of behind the scenes intrigue and ghosts.



The studio only had one note after seeing the first cut of this supernatural romance: too much ghost! They re-cut the film to eliminate the ghost storyline entirely, resulting in a 21 minute short about Whoopi wearing weird hats. The film was eventually restored after Swayze reminded producers that he had already had the title tattooed on his chest.

American Wedding


Shooting the third installment of the gripping American Pie saga was going off without a hitch until cast members started complaining about strange noises. It turned out to be the ghost of Sean William Scott, who had died on the set of The Rundown after being hugged too hard by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Scott’s ghost terrorized the cast and crew by forcing them to smell his fingers, humping their legs—classic Stifler shit. The spirit eventually passed on after the rest of the cast agreed to band together and kill Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Look Who’s Talking


Travolta. Alley. Willis’ signature voice but not his horrible face—seems like a sure thing, right? Wrong. An early draft of the screenplay explained that we could hear baby Mikey’s thoughts because he had been possessed by an ancient Sumerian demon, Anzu. As a result, all of Mikey’s lines were variations on, “Face your reckoning in the nether realm,” “Submit to my will,” or, “What pale mortal dares to feed me vegetables?!” The script was re-written to the more family friendly version where we the audience can hear the baby’s thoughts because we are insane.

The Wizard of Oz


This technicolor classic had to shut down production after munchkin cast members kept dropping like flies. Judy Garland believed the production was cursed because the soundstage was built on an ancient munchkin burial ground. Production resumed once the costume department realized they were just making the wigs too tight.



It seems crazy to think that a movie that defined the modern blockbuster was almost never seen, but it’s the truth. Spielberg had finished principal photography on the film when he showed dailies to his producer, David Brown. Halfway through the screening Brown turned to Spielberg and asked, “Hey do you believe in ghosts?” And Spielberg was like, “What? No.” And Brown was like, “Not at all?” and Spielberg was like, “David please watch the movie,” and Brown was like, “OK, I’ll watch it,” and he did but Spielberg could tell he wasn’t really paying attention so he was like, “What?” and Brown was like, “How do you know for sure there aren’t ghosts, though?” and Spielberg was like, “Because I’m an adult,” and Brown was like “That was rude,” and Spielberg was like “You’re rude!” and Brown was like, “I’m not gonna produce your movie,” and Spielberg was like “You already did. You’re watching it,” and Brown was like, “Fine,” and the two remain friends.


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