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1. The O Was A Piece Of Rotelle Pasta: HBO executives worried their audience wouldn’t realize the majority of characters in “The Sopranos” were Italian-Americans. This piece of rotelle pasta in the title card was meant to serve as a subtle reminder of the titular family’s heritage and favorite pasta shape.

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2. The T Was A Men’s Razor: In an effort to cut filming expenses, producers pushed to have a razor in the title card, implying Tony Soprano (James Gandolfini) shaved every morning. This title card was scrapped after creator and showrunner David Chase insisted it was essential to start every episode with a continuous shot of Tony shaving his morning stubble.

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3. Both Of The O’s Were James Gandolfini’s Nipples: James Gandolfini feared the show’s audience wouldn’t get used to seeing his character, Tony, without a shirt in so many scenes. Gandolfini suggested a fix by having the audience first see his nipples in the title card. Ultimately, the idea was scrapped when David Chase rewrote the Tony character to be a mobster instead of a violent nudist.

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4. The H Was The Iconic Red Stapler From “Office Space”: Initially released in 1999, David Chase considered using “The Sopranos” title card to pay homage to his favorite comedy of the same year: “Office Space.” In later interviews, Chase would cite the cult workplace comedy, specifically Stephen Root’s performance as Milton, as the chief inspiration for the series’ signature dark humor.

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5. The Last Four Letters Were Underlined By The Amazon Arrow: As a nuanced meditation on the American Dream and modern capitalism, David Chase thought it was thematically appropriate to incorporate the logo for Jeff Bezos’ wildly successful, Seattle-based e-commerce company into the title card. Bezos respectfully declined the promotional consideration after watching an episode and objecting to Tony’s ruthless managerial style.

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6. The A Was An Old Man In A Wheelchair: Intended as a red herring for the audience, the unknown old man in a wheelchair was meant to serve as a series long mystery. David Chase never publically revealed the identity of the old man in a wheelchair, but diehard fans believe the man may have been deceased Journey singer Steve Perry.

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7. All Of The Letters Besides The R Were Guns: David Chase got cold feet at the eleventh hour and replaced the almost all-gun title card with the one we now know and tolerate. I think we can all agree he did the world a disservice by pulling this could-have-been iconic logo!


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