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Uh oh! An unmarried female character just felt queasy. Will she have a convenient miscarriage or see a baby on the way to her abortion?

Robin Higgins

Why are we all saying “Ronda Rousey” when we should be saying “Angry Julia Stiles?”

Robin Higgins

Dan Grunfeld’s Midwestern Yoga Studio Rules
Illustration by Robin Higgins

Illustration by Robin Higgins

My uncle Dan runs a yoga studio (Grunfeld’s Stretches and Breathing) in Fort Dodge, Iowa. He asked me to post these “on American Online so that everyone saw.” This is my best attempt to do that.


1. No showing off. Folks try their best.

2. Wear comfortable clothes but nothing indecent. God is present.

3. Bring your own mat. If you don’t have one, you can rent one with a handshake. (more…)

The Higgs Weldon Live: August Edition


Our live show returns Saturday, August 1 at the Neon Venus Art Theater! Come check out some hot new comedy bits from some of your favorite Higgs Weldon writers…

Miles K
Devin Field
Logan Guntzelman
Finn Straley
Sam Wiles

With hosts Robin Higgins & Paige Weldon

Saturday, August 1 at 9:30pm
7023 Melrose Ave. Los Angeles, CA

See you there!

Bad TV shows: the only place where people go to parties in masks.

Robin Higgins


Just hurt my eyeballs by rolling them too hard

Robin Higgins

Is it physically possible to want to read a friend’s travel blog?

Robin Higgins

“More apps on everything!” –Executives

Robin Higgins

Being fancy means having to randomly accept bleu cheese poured on top of fruit.

Robin Higgins

Zach’s Cooking Corner

Learn how to cook a meal for the working man on the go! Enjoy the latest sketch from The Higgs Weldon!

Written by Zach Pugh

Directed by Paige Weldon & Matthew Sordello

Produced by Robin Higgins

Starring Zach Pugh

Camera & Editing by Matthew Sordello

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