You’ll have to bear with me. Like the title says, I just “switched places” with my son because we both got struck by lighting at the same time. That ever happen to you where you trade places with a child or parent? Anyway, so, I’m in my son now. I mean, you know, my body is me, but my son is in it and I’m in his body. You get it. Happens to all of us, I’m sure. 

My son (in my body) keeps bugging me (in his body) to write a comedy piece thing to keep his name “out there” (whatever that means) while we search for a magical amulet or find a genie or get simultaneously struck by lighting again and can re-switch places back to our normal bodies.

So, anyway, here’s a “comedy piece” by my son (Though, it’s his Dad in here! Hey, Dad’s the comedy guy now!)

Well, what are one of these skits like? Is it like Saturday Night Live? My son calls his skits “pieces” like he’s an artist or something.  I call them skits, even though he always rolls his eyes and says they aren’t skits. Anyway, here’s a comedy “piece,” I guess. 

Hey, you want to know what’s funny? What’s with all the remotes I got? I got four remote controls. I swear, they should make a remote for the remote controls! Ah, heck with it…

Hey, this is a funny skit…I mean, piece. I went to “Just for Brakes” the other day. I walk in and they offer to give my car an oil change. It’s like, how about you call it “More Than Just for Brakes?” Ah, heck with it…

* * * * *

Ok, I (again, Dad in my son’s body) took a little break there.  

Now, here’s something funny. I remember this one joke I’d tell around the office. Trust me, it’s a funny comedy “piece.” Hey, I just turned 62 and my muscles are constantly aching. My muscles ache a lot. But, don’t ask me about it, because it’s a sore subject!

* * * * *

Ok, look, after thinking about it, I don’t know how good my comedy joke pieces above are. Anyway, it’s time for a nap.

* * * * *

Look, this is probably not the best comedy “piece,” but if you ever read it, tell my son (when he switches places back into his body) that you like it. Because he was always a nice boy and he seems to really care about this stuff here. Even though I’m not sure I really understand what he’s doing, it’d be great if he felt good about something he cares about. So, come on, just tell him you like it. He’s my son and I’m his Dad, and even though I’m in his body right now, it’s still my job to look out for him.

I’d really appreciate that.

Also, if you know of any lightning storms in the area, let me know. I’d appreciate that even more.


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