It is with regret that I inform readers that my father has passed away. After a long fight with cancer, he has left this world. He was my role model, my hero, and the nicest man I’ve ever met. A lot of people say it, but this time it’s true: he was the purrr-fect father.

I know this is a little sad compared to the normal type of articles we feature, but I thought the death of the person I loved the most warranted the postponement of “12 Tabbies Who Have A Lot Of Tabby-Tude.” I apologize if that’s what you came here expecting today.

I know this may be hard to read, but it’s also very hard to write. Think about it. Think about how hard it would be to watch your own father get a diagnosis of non-Hodgkin’s lymph-meow-ma. Can you even imagine? And then to find out that of all the stages–Stage One, Stage Two, Stage Three, Stage Fur–your father has the most serious one. Just imagine your father looking you in the eye and telling you that he has Stage Fur non-Hodgkin’s lymph-meow-ma. It was unreal.

When we went to talk to the oncologist about treatment options, I started losing it. He said that dying was a real possibility we had to prepare for and I said that it was okay because, even if my father did lose his life, that meant he still had 8 more lives left to go, and the oncologist said he wanted me to focus and I said that it’s hard to focus when I feel so upset and he said he knows I’m scared and I said that I’m downright pet-trified and he asked me to please stop because he had to talk about my father’s CAT scan. When he said “CAT scan,” I had to be escorted out of the room. I spent the rest of the time in the bathroom screaming, “More like CA-AAATTTTT SCAN!” into the mirror for 45 minutes until I passed out. I woke up in my bed the next morning. That’s when my dad told me he had only a few days left. And he was right.

God, this is sooo hard.  What makes it worse is that my father is precisely the person I would go to in a time like this. I mean, in all honestly, I really feel like I could use some Tabby-Tude of my own right about now. Like Tabby #2. He probably wouldn’t be as sad and debilitated as I feel. Tabby #2 would know how to figure out the logistics of the funeral and who to call and how to arrange everything. Tabby #2 probably didn’t even know his father and look how he turned out.  I mean, he’s wearing over-sized sunglasses for goodness sake–I don’t even have enough money for a burial plot. In other words, I have absolutely no idea what the paw-per procedures are.

Lately, I’ve just been crying a lot. Staying inside mostly. When I do go outside, my eyes are all puffy and red. I’m embarrassed to have people look at my face. I wear sunglasses all the time. Not fun, over-sized ones either.

You know what, though–I had assumed Tabby #2 was wearing sunglasses to be cool, but what if he’s hiding something, too? Maybe Tabby #2 doesn’t have any Tabby-Tude at all. Maybe Tabby #2 just has Tabby-Unresolved Emotional Issues. Maybe that’s the real lesson here.  Don’t judge, everyone’s got their own Tabby-Unresolved Emotional Issues.

I guess we should all just try to remember to take some time to see other people’s points of view. Appreciate people for who and what they are. Especially while they’re still here. The universe is so vast and so strange, and we’re here on this tiny planet for just a few fleeting meow-ments.

Cherish those meow-ments.


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