horseProviding a home cooked meal for a horse is not on every cowboy’s to-do list, but it should be.  Cowboys probably have lots of other things on their to-do list – such as ironing chaps – so I thought I’d take this opportunity to share a simple recipe with all the cowboys out there that any horse with advanced motor skills can prepare for themselves with minimal effort, provided the horse is given the proper instruction and a little encouragement.

Oat Crusted Hay Loaf with Grass Sprinkles

Serves 1 horse
Suggested pairing:  Water
Prep time:  3 minutes


1 chunk hay
½ cup water
½ cup oats
1 nibble grass 


1. Take little nibble of grass.
2. Bring little nibble of grass back to stable.
3. Set little nibble of grass aside. 
4. Select chunk of hay.
5. Dip chunk of hay in water trough.
6. Dip chunk of hay in oat bag.
7. Set oat crusted chunk of hay aside. 
8. Retrieve little nibble of grass and sprinkle on oat crusted chunk of hay.

Here’s what one horse had to neigh:

“Neigh!  Snort – neigh!” (Translation: “So flavorful!  A little dry – but full of different flavors!”)


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