Congratulations! You’re ready to find out what generation you belong in. Are you a Boomer or an Echo Boomer? Generation Y or X? Holding a Generation Designation Reveal Party is the perfect way to celebrate. Your friends and family may be unsure what generation you belong in and would love to celebrate your designation based on results, not just your birth date. 

Guests: Inviting guests can be tricky because they may not know which generation they identify with. Choosing people in a wide range of ages ensures that someone will be there to celebrate with you when the big reveal happens! 

How to Reveal: Revealing your generational identity with colored balloons in a box is so passé. A more innovative way might be to have crop circles spelling out your generational designation constructed in your nearest sustainable farm. Guests (and you!) flying over the crop circles in a helicopter will be amazed to see the letters spelling out your future. Another option that is surprising and fun is to send out your feces for analysis two weeks before the party. Keep the results secret and then reveal your generational designation based upon the health of your sample: colon cancer for Boomers and international parasites for a globe-trotting Millennial. 

Snacks for the party: Coordinating the snacks with your Generation Designation reveal is imperative for a cohesive party. It would be very gauche to serve prune juice at a Generation Y party or caviar at an Echo Boomer reveal. Just as balloons in a box are a little boring, a Gender Designation reveal cake is so expected. Petit fours infused with your blood type can be a fun touch. Finding the right Generational party planner is crucial as they can plan every detail of a cohesive party but don’t reveal the secret to you or any of your guests. 

Goodie Bags, Party Games and Decorations: Your Generational Designation party planner will also be able to plan the décor and party games based on your results. Have fun with the games and décor as you all play pin the tale on the generation or Guess that Song Decade. “What food goes with what decade?” is another fun party game to keep your guests guessing. While attending your Generational Designation Reveal Party is gift enough, it is customary to send your guests home with something to remember your generation with. or DNA123 kits are a great way to help your guests discover their generation and background as well. 

After the Party: When the initial excitement at finding out what generation you belong to has worn off, you may feel some regret that you are Generation Y and not Generation X. That is normal. Trying to identify with another generation is also a normal reaction. Exploring another generation can be a healthy way to expand your horizons and learn new things. Make time to enjoy your Generational Designation reveal party. Once you know what generation you belong in, your world will never be the same. Don’t forget to post pictures of the party to whatever social media fits with your generation! 




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