The Star Wars franchise has spanned 40 years, delighting hardcore fans and casual moviegoers along the way. With the recent release of The Last Jedi, our film critics decided to look back and create this definitive and completely objective ranking of all nine Star Wars movies, from best to worst. Here’s to another 40!

1. Episode IVI: The Little Jedi That Could

2. Episode XI: The Phantom Tollbooth

3. Episode XVII: Midichlorian Madness!

4. Episode I.V: The Jedi Federal Reserve Raises Interest Rates To Combat Galactic Inflation

5. Episode X: Return of the Revenge

6. Episode XIC: The Star Wars/Air Bud Crossover Movie

7. Episode C: Jar Jar’s Wet & Wild Spring Break 

8. Episode LXI: The Planet That Was Also A Sith

9. Star Trek




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