Bear Justice
Homicide doesn’t take a hibernation

In this furry police procedural, detective Emilia Clawson and medical examiner Jenny Furstein are an unstoppable crime-fighting duo who uphold the law of the forest despite one (ursa) major difference: Emilia is a black bear and Jenny is a brown bear. The one thing they have in common is their uncanny ability to sniff out murder — and fast food dumpsters. Think Claw and Order meets Grizzoli and Isles.

Fish Democracy
Freedom swims against the school

In this briny political drama, Gillian Albacore navigates treacherous waters as the first tuna elected to the senate of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Does she have what it takes to pass her anti-sushi legislation hook, line and sinker while surrounded by bottom feeding catfish who aren’t afraid to dig up the sand on their congressional enemies? Think House of Char meets Madam Sharketary.

Snake Hospital
Will the scales ever tip in her favor?

In this biting medical dramedy, Dr. Amanda Slitherstone starts a lucrative side business selling prescription venom from the hospital dispensary to help cover her constricting med school debt. Her drug dealing empire threatens to come slithering down when handsome surgeon Dr. Boa tries to squeeze too close. Will Amanda show him her fangs, or is she ready to shed her skin, unhinge her jaw and swallow love whole? Think Grey’s Anaconda meets Snaking Bad.

Bee History
Long live the Queen

In this stinging historical fantasy, all of Pollen Manor is abuzz to decide who will rule the hive after the untimely, suspicious death of Queen Hexagonia. Amidst the bumbling power grabs, deadly stinger fights and royal family secrets, explore the never-before-told etiquette and hierarchy of ancient honeycombs and their inhabitants. Think Game of Drones meets Downton Honey.

Bird Criminal
The future looks beak

In this seedy crime series, Cooper Hawk is a squirrel hitman for hire who claws in the big bucks protecting birdfeeder territory for the notorious Blue Jays gang. But when the Feds feather him for the murder of a beautiful robin, Coop has to decide whether to save his tail by turning stool pigeon — or end up locked away in the Big Nest for good. Think The Sparrows meets Orange Is the New Blackbird.



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