List: Avatars 2-10

Hello! We here at the movie studio are so excited to announce that brilliant director James Cameron will be continuing his smash hit success ‘Avatar!’ Thanks to money, the next eight films are already in pre-production and we’re delighted to share with you the log lines of these small pieces of Mr. Cameron’s heart. Enjoy!

Avat2: Rise of the Planet of the Na’vi

After being banished from Pandora, humans must come to terms with the defeat at the hands of the Na’vi. But now that that war is over, the Na’vi want more. Led by Jake Sully (Sam Worthington!) and his fellow Avatars, Pandora looks to conquer Earth in the ultimate battle of David vs. Goliath.

3vatar: War for the Planet of Na’vi

After Jake Sully has been killed in action, his Avatar son (Andy Serkis!) must avenge his father’s death and continue the push forward to defeat the humans and conquer Earth.


Earth is now at the hands of the Na’vi, but not for long. It’s time for the humans to take back their planet! Staff Sargent Rock Barron (Mark Wahlberg!) is here to return Earth to its rightful owner.

Avatar: Moon5truck

Earth thought that they were done fighting, but when the people of distant moon Spotify (led by Idris Elba!) decide to make Earth their new home, it’s up to Rock Barron’s troops to once again protect Earth, this time from the Spotifians.

Avatar: Gene6

Set in 1985, when the initial testing for Avatars were being conducted by Dr. Grace Augustine (Science fiction icon Sigourney Weaver!) we tell the story of the first ever Avatar (Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson!) and his coming to terms with his paralysis and the possible invasion of a distant moon… Pandora!

Avatar 7: 7ast Rock

We jet forward to 2087: Earth is nearly inhabitable, and humans have decided that it is time to once again colonize. Rock Barron and his son Kylo Barron (Tom Holland!) lead what is left of Earth on a mission to a distant planet of Oculus that shows trace signs of life. Upon arrival, Rock and his compatriots learn that life on a distant planet is not what it appears. 

Avatar 8: 8culus Rift

Living in their new home of Oculus, a new colony of humans are led by President and son of Rock Barron, Kylo (Holland!). What’s left of the human race must learn from their past ways of destruction to build a new civilization. But when the leader of the opposition party (Cara Delevigne!) disagrees with the new set of laws, tension rises.

Avatar 9: Getting 9a’vi with It!

We return to Pandora, where lead Na’vi (Will Smith!) falls for Neytiri’s daughter (Rosario Dawson!), who is a member of a rival family. Will their harrowing tale of forbidden love survive? Special hologram appearance by Rock Barron (Wahlberg!)

Ava10: Last Miss10n

It’s 2103 and things seem to be going well on Oculus, until Kyler Barron (Holland!) receives word from his top men that the Sun has begun to overheat and is in danger of exploding! Banding together with members of Spotify and Pandora, it will take a whole galaxy to save the Sun. 


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