British Boys Gone Wild! by William Golding 

Didn’t Need to See That! by Sophocles

Doubleplusgood Futuristic Narrative by George Orwell

Ebony, Ivory, Watery Jivery by Mark Twain

Frankenstein’s Not The Creature, Surely You Get That? by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley

Holden Caulfield’s Gnarliest Week Ever by J.D. Salinger

Infinite Text by David Foster Wallace

Just Another Sangria Sunrise by Ernest Hemingway

Leviathan Larry Loves Him Some Legs by Herman Melville

Me And You and a Goof Named Boo by Harper Lee

Mommie Dearest Mommie Dearest Mommie Dearest Mommie Dearest by Amy Tan

The Nightmare Before Christmas Before The Nightmare Before Christmas by Charles Dickens

The Old Man without Both Oars in the Water by Ernest Hemingway

Plain Jane’s Rustic Romp by Charlotte Brontë

Pulsating Promontory by Emily Brontë 

The Pretty Good Gatz by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Rebecca? Homewrecka! by Daphne du Maurier

The Discriminating Tourist’s Guide to London and Paris by Charles Dickens

“A” Is For “Awesome!” by Nathaniel Hawthorne

Oh Those Darned Pigs by George Orwell

You–hoo! White People! Right Here, Waving! Hello! Are You Blind? by Ralph Ellison



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