q PAPI, BEVERLY HILLS CHIHUAHUA: Paparazzi caught the jalapeño-sized actor looking down and out after being released from the pound following an arrest for public urination.

wBABE: The rumors are true! This little movie star (seen here showing off his comedic chops on the set of the upcoming buddy-cop film Babe: Pigs in the City) wears a toupee.

eROCKET RACCOON, GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY: Everyone’s favorite fiery fur ball was feeling down in the dumps when a well-publicized garbage binge landed him back in rehab for prescription trash addiction.

rAFLAC DUCK: The web-toed insurance icon ran afoul of the law when a photographer tried to snap a pic of him au naturel outside a feather-bleaching clinic in Santa Monica.

tBUDWEISER’S “LOST” PUPPY: Time has been rough on the former child star (seen here at a charity fetch tournament) who revealed in his autobiography that he started drinking at 8 months old.

yGEICO GECKO: The speckled spokesperson left fans speechless when he posted this selfie – no makeup, no filter – proving that tropical, scaled reptile celebrities are just like us.

uSPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS: The public soaked up the sight of this subaquatic superstar wearing no makeup… or pants! as seen in this still from his unauthorized sex video.

iKATY PERRY: A shoe-shopping outing sans makeup confirmed what most had suspected: she is actually a warrior beast from a magical kingdom located in a portal in the back of a professor’s closet.


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