What The Brown Bear Sees Will Surprise You

How The Three Little Pigs Stood Up To The Big Bad Wolf Will Make You Cheer

Alexander’s Day Was A MegaFail – Until He Learned How To Turn Things Around

Cinderella’s Treatment From Her Stepmother and Stepsisters Will Upset You – But What Happens After The Prince’s Ball Will Make Your Day

What Little Bo Peep Learned When She Lost Her Sheep Could Make You A Better Parent

Her Deal With Rumpelstiltskin Almost Broke Her Heart But Her Love For Her Son Will Enchant You

Living With Seven Dwarves Didn’t Protect Her From Eating A Poisoned Apple That Put Her Into A Deep Sleep. But Watch What Happens Next

The Moment When The Little Prince Says Goodbye Will Make You Cry And Fill You With Hope

You Won’t Believe What This Little Train Could Do

Monkeys Stole His Caps But Taught Him About Being A Better Person

Sally And Her Brother Were Bored At Home. Until A Cat Taught Them an Important Lesson

Curiosity Always Got Him Into Trouble. Here’s How It Also Took George From Africa To America

What Happens After Jack And Jill Went Up The Hill Will Sadden You

After His Parent (Probably His Mom But Could Be His Dad) Dies, He Leaves Home Without Any Way To Survive. His Return, As King, Will Inspire You


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