I go to community college. Community college totally sucks. It’s a weird transitional period between major decisions. It’s a lot of waiting. Community college is like YouTube buffering for your life. I didn’t start here though. I used to go to this place called California State University Northridge, or CSUN. (I’ll name drop.) They needed brown people and I was the perfect shade of not-too-brown. We had a falling out and now I don’t go there anymore. The bright side is  now there aren’t kids from Calabasas trying to understand me through poverty simulations.

It wasn’t completely awful, but really the only positive thing that came from CSUN, was that I met a really cute girl in my theater class. A class where another girl, a girl named “Kaisley,” faked an English accent for 3 months and then stopped the charade towards the last two classes. Everybody hated her for that. (She didn’t commit!)

Basically, college isn’t what I expected. There are way less orgies than I anticipated/prepared for. And way more crying than I would like. More often than not it all feels like routine and super predictable. I usually have the same thoughts and do the same things every time I’m in school.

Here are my recurring thoughts and actions:

Hesitate about sitting in between two girls, in fear that they will think I am attracted to them.

Fall asleep during lecture. Wake up scared. Begin nodding in agreement immediately.

Pretend to write notes about lecture.

Reserve a room for an hour to study. Wonder where I messed up for 55 minutes. Cram for remaining 5 minutes.

Stare at Carolina. How can someone be so beautiful? I know she knows who I am.

Envision life with Carolina. Nice suburban home. Consider living in either North, or South Carolina, with Carolina. Tell myself it wouldn’t workout. Repeat throughout the day.

Wonder why my professor uses so many personal anecdotes that aren’t related to the lesson.

Avoid all of the following: confrontation, eye contact, making friends.

If I were to run into any of these people outside of class, would they acknowledge me?

Whisper something to my classmate about our professor. We share a laugh. Haha!


Think about which family member I can pretend is “sick” or has “died” so that I can extend my project due date.

There are a ton of other, more personal things I think about, but some things are best kept to myself. I need to save them for personal statements so I can get out of this place.


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