DIRECTV made headlines last week when it announced DogTV, a new channel programmed specifically for dogs. Today DIRECTV announced its slate of fall shows.

Upcoming titles include:

Dog Parks and Recreation
Jimmy Kibble Live!
How I Humped Your Mother
Clarissa Throws A Ball
Rex and the City
America’s Next Top Dog Model
The L Word (Leash)
Cheers (But With Dogs)

A formidable line-up! But that’s not all.

Critics are already buzzing about a show that, rumor has it, is being primed as DogTV’s flagship program — a program The Higgs Weldon has exclusive access to!

So, for all of you dogs out there who can’t wait until September, here’s an excerpt from the pilot of 8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Dog:

DAVID SPADE No roughhousing — she’s very old. Chew her food for her. No dry food. Dry food’s bad for her teeth. She takes two pills with every meal, and — listen, she’s old. Just take it easy. I want her home always. She’s scared of going outside.

DogTV! Subscription packages priced so low you’ll say, “Bow WOW!


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