We are excited to present uHead, a full suite of products just for U. Most of these are completely free, feature seamless integration with one another, and do not require an internet connection. uHead includes all of the following:
uBrain is a portable, hands-free storage device that you can carry with you wherever you go. It allows you to both store and retrieve information. It does not need to be charged. Comes in a sturdy case. Free.
Simply direct uEyes in any direction and a brilliant display of vibrant colors and three-dimensional shapes will appear. uEyes’ ultra-fast processor means changing images update instantly with a lightning-fast refresh rate. Done using uEyes? Comes with two little covers for when they are not in use. Fullly compatible with uBrain. uEyes is not as effective in the dark. Do not insert sharp objects into uEyes. Free. If uEye is not providing a clear display, a fix is available for under $150.

If uEyes are out of service or you want to combine the brilliant display of uEyes with an auditory experience, uEars are the device for you. uEars provide continual, wireless sound input at 100% fidelity. uEars are permanently affixed to the side of your head and come in a variety of colors that match your exact skintone. Also available in red. uEars can be used with headphones for times you want to experience sound without others enjoying it along with you. Fully integrated with uBrain. uEars do not have a built-in off-switch, but for $4 you can block sound flow.

The uHead family of products works best if you have a consistent flow of oxygen. uNose is an oxygen-delivery system that comes with an added bonus- a free scent-intake feature that is seemlessly integrated with uBrain so you can receive and process odor molecules. Also free!
Need to send a message? With uMouth, you can simply position yourself near the entity you wish to communicate with and send a message. uMouth works with uVocalChords, uTongue, and uTeeth to deliver your message at a rate of up to 200 words per minute in real time. uMouth can also send thousands of emojis and comes with a short video explaining how to form them by integrating uMouth with uEyes. You can even create your own emojis. But that’s not all! uMouth can even be used for oxygen intake if uNose is experiencing a malfunction. Free! 
You can use the suite of uHead products for both recreational and academic use with one convenient, free, lifetime license. Ask your parents, teacher, or healthcare provider if you need help leveraging their full functionality. 




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