scarystoriesdrawingAnd now, a new installment of EERIE TALES TO SHARE IN THE NIGHT. This story is called, “The Girl in the Green Ribbon…” 

Once there lived a little girl who wore a green ribbon tied round her neck. At school, a young boy named Peter sat behind her in class and noticed the ribbon under her hair.

“Hey, why do you always wear that ribbon around your neck?

The little girl responded, “One day I will tell you.”

As years passed, they became teenagers, and Peter started to have a crush on the young girl with the green ribbon. He asked her to go steady, and on their first date, he asked again, “Can you tell me now why you wear that green ribbon around your neck?

She giggled nervously and replied, “Maybe one day if we ever get married I’ll tell you.”

Peter fell deeply in love with the girl and soon they were married. He loved everything about her, the freckles on her cheeks, the way she would read to him on a blanket in the park. On their wedding night in bed, his new wife took off everything except the ribbon. Politely and patiently he asked, though excited, “I am so happy you’re now my wife and we share everything. So please, has the time come to tell me why you wear that ribbon around your neck?”

His now-wife said, “I may tell you when we have kids.”

Years passed and they raised a beautiful boy and girl. On their wedding anniversary, Peter pleaded, “Please love, please I implore you, WHY DO YOU WEAR THAT GREEN RIBBON AROUND YOUR NECK?!?!”

With a heaving sigh, then a smile, the girl with the ribbon put her finger on her husband Peter’s lips and said, “If you truly love me, you’ll let it go for now. One day I’ll tell you.”

So he let it go. He learned to accept that his wife wore the mysterious ribbon, and that it was better to trust her and move on. But the thought was always in the back of his mind, and he found in his old age that he’d spend some time staring into it tied tightly around her throat.

They grew old together, with a loving and caring relationship, until the woman with the ribbon became very sick.

The doctors told her she was going to die soon, so they set up hospice in her home, where she lived with her husband, her two children away at universities. Her distraught husband sat by her side for days, and finally he felt the time had come to say, “I beg of you, darling, please, tell me now, as your time on this Earth with me comes to an end. I must know, why have you worn that ribbon around your throat?

In a voice that was croaky and thin, she whispered, “Alright. I shall show you. Take it off now.”

She closed her eyes, her life starting to fade from her. He stood over her and pulled the green bow loose. As he finally unwrapped the ribbon, what was revealed to Peter was the most horrifyingly shocking thing of all.

“EUGH! You have… a really ugly neck.”



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