5. Your Childhood Home

Sometimes you’ve just got to get back to your roots. Some random people probably live there now too, so it’ll be fun to give them a good spook.

4. The Place You Died

You’ll check this one off the list as soon as you die, but still had to put it on here. The classics are classic for a reason. You especially have to go if it’s a house. Wait until it’s resold to a new family, probably newlyweds expecting a baby, and then play mind games with them until they finally move out. You paid good money for this house.

3. Your Ex’s Place

I mean this one’s just fun. Scare the shit out of your now ex girlfriend whenever she tries to move on from you and get a life. I mean how dare she try to find a new woman. She said she’d love you forever which means even after death do you part.

2. Your Own Grave

Check to make sure they got that pun in your epitaph right. You wanted it to be quirky and irreverent yet still relatable enough to go viral. How cool would it be to posthumously make it onto a Buzzfeed top ten list?

1. Niagara Falls

It’s just gorgeous.


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