I received this text from my mom on July 31, 2017 at 12:39 PM.

Can you do me a huge favor please..
I need to write a nice email about my fleet guy Marco @ Ford. He has been a doll to me and helped me out all 6 years of both Flex’s.
I want to send his manager a glowing write up of Marco and the service team who were great too..
Short & sweet. Email so I can forward..
Things to include:
Great service, professional, took time to work out details really listened etc.
Service dept. always nice to deal with and car was in & out in time they promised..

Below is the email I wrote, from my mom, to the Ford dealership:

Dear Ford Dealership of Van Nuys And Whomever Else It May Concern,

Hi… my name is Missy Bernstein and I have a confession. I have owned two Ford Flex’s in this lifetime, both leased through an angel named Marco. Let me explain.

It was an absolute scorcher the day I dragged myself into the arms of your generously air conditioned showroom. My feet ached and I looked like hell. Sales people took one look at me and scattered like mice; save for one man… save for one man. This man walked straight up to me, held out his hand and said, “Hi. My name is Marco.” To which I replied, “Polo.”

I had found him. Found the man who would introduce me to my new vehicle and yet it was only the beginning. I had no idea that mere hours later I would be peeling out of the lot in my new, fully loaded, Ford Flex. The road was my oyster, an oyster Marco had shucked.

I didn’t know I wanted a Ford Flex, didn’t know I needed one. You know who did know? Marco. I spoke at great length of the places I could possibly be driving to on a day to day basis. Sparing no details, I informed Marco that I had just begun to represent an Italian leather line and would most likely be transporting yards of buttery soft leather to and fro. Marco just listened… absorbing, processing.

When I had reached the end of my list of wants and concerns, Marco wordlessly led me to a brand new, royal blue Ford Flex, handed me the key and nodded.

As I sat on the premium leather of the heated driver’s seat, Marco in the passenger seat-  I not only felt understood, I felt safe. 

We drove down the block a few times, the Flex purring beneath me. After a few right turns, some lefts and a particularly effortless lane change, I started back towards the dealership when Marco spoke. “Let’s do one more lap,” he offered. “This time on the Boulevard.”

If I hadn’t known the Ford Flex was the car for me already, Ventura Boulevard sealed the deal. I could picture myself climbing in the larger than life SUV to grab a carton of milk, possibly some oranges, hell, maybe a mango. The Ford Flex was my future. Marco was the architect.

I imagine at this point you’re thinking that this is the end of my gratitude but unfortunately, you would be wrong.  

My time with my Ford Flex’s was also made exceptional by the service department. If they told me my car was going to be ready at 4:00 PM after a routine oil change and tire rotation, you better believe my Flex’s were ready at 4:00 PM, looking more exquisite than the day I met them. A friendly smile always handing me back my keys.

So I just want to say, “Thank you.” Thank you for taking a flexless woman and providing her with just that, a Flex. God bless the Van Nuys Ford Dealership and most of all, bless my lord and savior, Marco. 

Flex Wishes,
Missy Bernstein 




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