Everyone knows what parents are, they’re the people who say things like: “Brush your hair before you leave this house,” “I hear you can still sign up for accounting classes at the local community college,” and “Yes, I heard you say you’re a writer, but you haven’t published anything.” Well, get ready to show them that you don’t need their judgment or reminders of accounting class deadlines. With these 3 free blogging sites, you can be the judge, jury, and executioner of your own digitally published dreams!


On WordPress, you can not only pick what content gets published, but also the url, for the most professional sounding sites such as:

thebestwritingthathaseverbeen.wordpress.com, peerlessprose.wordpress.com, or whenyouwishuponamemoir.wordpress.com (note: the author has not checked if these particular urls are in use; they are for illustrative purposes only.) You can also get a “.org” if you’re nasty. Go on, show your parents that your writing is on a real url IRL.


“Stories that move with you” is the catch phrase of the prolific think-piece hosting site “Medium.” The phrase refers to the fact that you can read it on the go, like anything on the internet, but it’s also an app. Medium is the perfect, dare we say, “medium” for showing that you too can type out your thoughts and hit the publish button.


If your parents are like mine, they’ve never learned the difference between statuses, comments, and cries for help. Why spend your time showing them how things work when you could use their lack of knowledge to your advantage? Go ahead and post that piece of literature you’ve been working tirelessly on every other weekend at mid afternoon. Post it on your facebook wall, in status comments, on a picture of Kylie Jenner, where ever! Your parents will see that it’s in a digital format and the respect will flood in!

There you have it! Who knew publishing was this easy…besides the millions of people that publish on these sites everyday? Go get ’em, literary tiger!




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