Hey kids! Use this fun Mad Lib to make a Jezebel.com article of your very own. Fill in the blanks with the parts of speech indicated, and see what silly business you can stir up on the Internet today!

Well, _____ (exasperated exclamation). I know I get a lot of flack from folks in the _____ (artistic endeavor) community for being an outspoken member of _____ (popular “subculture”), but this time I just have to say something. Recently, I was at _____ (fun event) when I saw something _____ (vicious adjective).

I was, frankly, shocked by the behavior I saw from _____ (unpopular/unknown person) at _____ (fun event), and felt an immediate obligation to bring it to the Jezebel readers’ attention. There I was, minding my own business, when out of nowhere I overheard someone say _____ (obviously bad thing to say). I had such a _____ (slapstick physical reaction) that I had no choice but to run outside, get some air, and assess my feelings. SPOILER ALERT: they were _____ (vicious adjective).

And it’s not just _____ (unpopular/unknown person). This is an _____ (ominous adjective) trend. Far too many times have I heard someone say _____ (obviously bad thing to say). For example, a _____ (surprisingly long period of time) ago, _____ (innocuous non-celebrity) said _____ (flippant comment about sensitive subject).

This was noted by _____ (journalist) at _____ (news source), in _____ (broken link to article). Gross.

I have personally had enough of _____ (unpopular/unknown corner of the Internet)’s endless _____ (adventurous word for deliberate plan) to make us feel _____ (tragic adjective) about our bodies. I mean, _____ (exasperated exclamation).

_____ (reference to tangentially related meme).

Accepting this kind of behavior is _____ (ominous adjective). If we let things like this go unnoticed, we are no better than _____ (universally hated figure from history). Um, no thank you. If this is the path we’re really going down, _____ (resigned statement about society). That is just not cool. Period. End of story. That’s it. K? _____ (declarative statement that it’s over).

That’s it for this edition of Fun with Mad Libs! Send us your filled-in articles and show off what you’ve learned about the power of the Internet to conquer social injustice!


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