I’m Sam Wiles and I’m here to help. That’s what I would say if I ever get another chance to be the first on scene at a car accident (fingers crossed!) But actually, I’m here to help, and not in a way where I need to plug your gushing neck wound but I can’t because it’s yucky. I’m going to help by writing an internet column! Every month, I’m going to offer something from my life that has helped me, in the hopes that it helps you, the reader!

And in the spirit of introductions, I wanted to share something that has made my life a lot easier: Icebreakers! Or as I like to call them, Get to Know You Games!

If you’ve ever worked in an office, gone to college, attended summer camp, or had parents with head trauma, then you’ve probably used a Get to Know You game to introduce yourself to the group. For example, a game I like to play is Desert Island, where you tell the group your name and which five movies you would take with you if you were stranded on a desert island. It’s a great ice breaker because it let’s everyone know your name, your taste in entertainment, and if someone in your group has island madness. (Hint: It’s the person who instead of saying five movies does five screams.) So, below is a list of some GTKYG’s (Get to Know You Games) that have really helped me out!

First Letter Have You Ever

This fun game is quick, simple, and perfect for a corporate environment. To initiate, you take the first letter of your first name and you use it to say your name. My name starts with an ‘S’ so I would say Sam. Then I would ask out loud, “Have you ever strangled anyone to death?” Most people will say no. But, the person who says yes will become very memorable for everyone there. Almost as memorable as the look someone gives you just before they die from strangulation, or so I’ve heard, because in this game, I’d be a “No, I haven’t strangled anyone.”

Truth or Dare

Some of you may remember this game from your childhood! Well it’s the same game, but now it’s with adults you’re trying to break the ice with! For those of you not familiar, the game is when one player asks another player to tell the truth, and then when they don’t, you dare them to tell the truth. For instance, if I said, “Barb, why did you choose to attend Stanford University?” and then Barb would say, “Because of the business program.” Then I would say, “You’re a liar! What’s the real reason?! I dare you to tell the truth!” and Barb says, “Because I’m sexually attracted to Stanford’s tree shaped mascot.” And then Barb cries and you won.

Go Back from Whence You Came!

This game is where you sit in a circle, and then the virgin in the group draws a pentagram in black marker on the floor (preferably not carpet, but that will do). Then everyone begins to chant, “Oderint dum metuant! Oderint dum metuant! Oderint dum metuant!” and then by the sixth time, Balthazar the Heinous will rise from the circle and call out each person in the group by name and tell them the day they will die. That way, you get to know everyone’s name!

Four Corners

This is a game I learned when I worked at a bank. It’s where everyone takes out their credit cards, touches all four corners, and then throws them in a pile in the middle of the circle. Then, a biker in a mask named Fuck takes them and he also takes any cash you have. You’re also at gunpoint. I think I like this game because I’ll always remember Fuck the biker’s name, even though he was wearing a mask!

So next time you’re at a new job, or a new school, or an orgy where you weren’t part of the planning, remember these fun games! See you next month!


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