Personalized Beer Excursion

Travel by city bus to your local Budweiser bottling plant. Take the tour. You will also take home one sample beer. From the gas station across the street.

Your Childhood Stuffed Pets for the Year + A Bottle of Febreeze

Each month, your mom will send one of your left-behind childhood toys. One bottle of Febreeze is included in the first shipment to eliminate basement smells. She’s going to do this anyway so be ready.

A Private Passport Photo Session With Bob

Your very own private passport photo session in Walgreens with the night manager, Bob. Take home a tiny, DMV-worthy picture of yourself in a Walgreen’s photo envelope.

Collaborate On a One-of-a-Kind Piece of Jewelry With Martha

Collaborate on a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry with Martha, etsyseller63 who creates beautiful dumpster dive jewelry from your kitchen trash.

Experience the Ryder Cup at Home

Experience the Ryder Cup as a spectator in your own living room. Cheer along with the drivers with your own snacks from the comfort of your couch. It’s just like you are there.

New Year’s Eve in Style

A public NYE party at Shoney’s for you and 48 of your closest friends and construction workers.

Your Very Own Vintage Car

Experience the nostalgia with your neighbor’s 1968 El Camino parked in your yard on blocks until he gets back from prison.

Bespoke Handbags by Karen

A bespoke handbag from your friend Karen’s PuPuPurse Collection, available only online through her special link:





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