I know, I know. Hamilton has been the hottest ticket on Broadway for well over a year. I finally saw the show, and now I totally get it. The sangria there is amazing.

As I settled into my orchestra seat, the atmosphere was abuzz with excitement. Everyone around me had waited and waited to attend this theatrical event that will undoubtedly change Broadway theater for this generation. People had saved and sacrificed to pay for their tickets, and here we all were! Ready to see this show and finally enjoy this delicious sangria in a plastic, spill-proof Hamilton tumbler.

Even though it was freezing cold outside, the Richard Rogers theater was cozy. I daresay even  a bit warm, so I am grateful I got that sangria before I sat down. It was citrusy and sweet, with a hint of spice, but it wasn’t overpowering, like some sangrias you might find elsewhere. (Book of Mormon, I am looking at you.) But really, the best part of the sangria was that it was served over shaved ice. It was almost like a boozy sno-cone. So delish, you guys.

When Javier Muñoz entered as Alexander Hamilton, the ovation momentarily distracted me from the frosty tropical delight in my hand. Granted, he wasn’t Lin-Manuel Miranda, but he was still really good. Almost as good as that sangria.

Everyone has their favorite numbers. “Cabinet Battle #1” is a tour de force — a crowd-pleasing, old-school rap battle, but by then, I was on my second sangria, and honestly, I was so focused on savoring that, I couldn’t tell you much else. For me, “The Schuyler Sisters” steals the show because at that point, the initial surprise of “My God, this sangria is refreshing!” had settled into an ecstatic enjoyment that would coast along right up until the end of Act I, when I could get my Act II beverage.

Even for the non-Broadway fans out there, it was hard to avoid the music of Hamilton, but listening to the original Broadway cast recording doesn’t even compare to seeing it performed live while drinking the sangria. Personally, I was more familiar with songs in Act I, so Act II was an emotional, beautiful surprise, much like my second sangria. I didn’t think the excitement and energy of Act I could be improved upon, but Act II was where I really was able to enjoy the depth of flavor of the sangria.

If you were on the fence about seeing Hamilton, wondering if it could possibly live up to the hype, I tell you it does. That sangria is every bit as good as you have heard. Run, don’t walk to the Richard Rogers theater! Now I’m really looking forward to this spring’s Hello, Dolly! revival with Bette Middler. I hear the dark and stormy is supposed to be amazing.



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