Life is really tough these days, huh? I mean I guess it’s always been tough it just all seems to be coming to a head right now, eh? Anyway, I get it. And that’s the last you’ll here from me about it. At least for right now. Keep talking but don’t forget to make some time for a few distractions along the way. Need suggestions?

One thing I like to do is look at the sky.

Have you seen that video of cats stealing dogs’ beds? I really like that one.

When was the last time you got lost and wandered around with an ice cream cone? That’s fun. I bet you’d enjoy yourself. If you want company, let me know!

Sometimes people talk about looking at the sky and seeing shapes in the clouds. Totally think that’s a fun thing to do too.

For those of you that enjoy alcohol maybe go outside, have a beer, eat some French fries. I like to do that too. You could invite me!

Are you reading books? If you aren’t you should totally do it. But definitely do it in physical form. The cool thing about physical books (as opposed to e-books) is that physical books don’t have notifications or anything that can interfere with you reading that book. It’s just book and you. Which is pretty cool.

Honestly, the sky is cool no matter what it looks like, cloudy, clear, overcast, raining… Point is – You name it, I’ll look at it.

I like to rank things. It’s a pretty cool way to distract yourself. Some suggestions of things to rank; flavors of La Croix, best colors, answers to any “What Kind Of ______ Are You?” Buzzfeed questionnaires (this one requires that you spend some time on the questionnaire to try and unlock every answer, then keeping track of the answers, then ranking the best ones. It’s time consuming but it’s a great long distraction when you need it)

You ever seen Toy Story?

Sometimes if you go out and dig a hole it can be pretty relaxing. All you need is a shovel and a ground. It’s pretty easy to dig holes but you should check to make sure there aren’t any underground powerlines where you are digging because if you get electrocuted then you would have more problems. Which is the opposite purpose of a distraction.

One more cool thing about the sky is that it never feels like it’s the same sky twice. That’s nice. 

Did you see that Anderson Varejao of the Golden State Warriors will not accept a championship ring from the Cleveland Cavaliers? He was eligible to receive one because he played with the Cavs for part of the year. I don’t know what to make of it really. I can see his perspective in not wanting to accept a ring from a team that defeated his but also, he did contribute to the Cavs season as well. I dunno, tough call in my opinion. 

Rabbits are cute from far away. Up close their eyes are kind of scary.

Think about how the universe is really weird. I mean, what? What even is anything right? Honestly this is a cool thing to do if you’re lying in the grass in a park or a field while looking at the sky. Invite me! I’ll come hang out, I’m not really doing anything.

How dope is looking at the sky though? I bet it’s more fun with friends too.

One of my favorite drinks is Tonic Water with a heavy squeeze of lime. Especially on a warm summer day. It’s really refreshing. If you want we could totally grab this drink together. I kind of keep to myself these days and could use the distraction.

Anyway, I hope this list of distractions was helpful. Keep talking about what’s important though. But don’t let it bum you out. You’re dope and should remember to enjoy some happiness too.

Invite me to things!


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