You’re at brunch and it is SO BORING. Spice things up with this Hip Brunch Scavenger Hunt! The rules are simple. Find these items and circumstances around you, and make brunch what it was always meant to be: a competition. Bonus points available to anyone who finds two or more of these items on the same person.


Glasses without lenses

Unreasonably small serving of French toast

Denim button-up

Plaid button-up

Couple both wearing button-ups
(double points if one denim and one plaid)

Conductor hat

Indiana Jones hat on a lady

Couple sharing a kale dish

Religious jewelry
(double points if conversation is about religion or travel)

Tiny backpack

Tiny salad

Sad person eating tiny salad

Moped helmet obstructing already too small dining table

Man wearing a women’s jacket

Child with a British accent

Person reading Kafka
(double points if underlining passages)

Lines shaved into side of head

Cool kid with parents in town
(double points if parents are super confused)

Flip-up glasses

Girl in black lipstick
(double points if before 11am)

Band meeting

Refer to the scoring guide below to determine the winner and distract your brunch buddies from divvying up the check correctly.

0 – 15 points: You’re poor.
16 – 30 points: Do you know what agave is? Unclear.
31 – 45 points: You probably only drink mimosas with unconventional juices.
46 – 60 points: Well, take a seat around my lazy Susan, because you just get it.
61+ points: You have mastered brunch. The duty to trail blaze another meal combination has fallen to you, your grace.


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Illustration by Paige Weldon