The Ice Bucket Challenge

Tom Hanks

Running from the tentacle monster that ate all the adults in 2018

Being “On Fleek”

Justin Bieber haircuts

The chilling silence before the tentacle monster ripped open your barricaded living room, the blood curdling screams of your parents as they are yanked from your hands and the deafening roar as your last surviving adult is torn in half by the creature’s many mashing mandibles.

Is the dress white and gold, or blue and black?

The Harlem Shake

Listening to Macklemore

The Walking Dead – The TV Show

The Walking Dead – The thing that the few survivors of the tentacle monster’s rage called themselves as they tried to rebuild the last remnants of society. There’s a reason only 2010s kids remember this horribly atrocity. The monster ate all of the adults! It was only our addiction to Minecraft that helped us to survive the initial onslaught! When the creature first appeared I used a shovel and pick axe to dig a bunker with my own two hands! Sometimes at night I can still hear the creature sucking, digging and doing everything in its power to find us. Oh the horror!



Watching the monster eat Tom Hanks

Dank Memes

The English Language



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