Humans of Brentwood

I’ve lived here my whole life. It’s home. I’ve seen a lot of changes. I’ve seen a Starbucks transform into a Coffee Bean, I’ve seen a boutique turn into a yoga studio. Life is unpredictable. Sometimes all you can do is throw on a cashmere shawl and stay warm in your gated community.

Humans of Pasadena

I am the manager of the first Jamba Juice in Pasadena. A lot of people didn’t think there was a market for a corporate smoothie chain east of Hollywood but I pushed. The people of Pasadena need smoothies. My parents moved here from Korea with nothing but a live hen and the desire for a better life and all I’ve ever wanted to do was make them proud. I’m not there yet but I’m getting close.

Humans of Burbank

I lost my husband in a cruise ship incident three years ago. I never thought I would meet anyone else. I didn’t want to. But I went to the AMC movie theater the other night, the one with the same parking lot as Ikea. There was only me and one other man in the theater. He must have felt my loneliness because right before the movie started he came and sat down next to me. He smiled and we watched the movie side by side. I haven’t been side by side with someone in three years. Maybe it wasn’t love, but it’s a start.   

Humans of Silverlake

I have a Ph.D. in internal medicine. I went to graduate school for ten years. I moved to Silverlake in November to start my own private practice… then I tried ramen for the first time. I immediately shut down the practice and I’ve been cooking my own broth and noodles; perfecting my flavors in hopes of opening up my own ramen shop. My friends and family can’t believe it. I wake up a lot of mornings not believing it myself but I’ll tell you one thing, waking up to the smell of well seasoned broth beats sitting in a sterile office for fifteen hours at a time, any day. 



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