I miss New York

I miss how the sun sets into the skyline

I miss snowy 2 am on Houston street

I miss Mrs. Soon-Yook Shin, the woman who owned the dry cleaners next to my building

I miss walking down Fifth Avenue, window shopping for things I couldn’t possibly afford

I miss her smell

I miss Clangor, the crab-monster who lives underneath the Verrazano bridge. He eats old cars.

I miss late night Chinese take out

I miss falling in love

I miss the dirty snow on the ground 


I miss the way she used to say “I can hear the train rumbling from underneath our feet! Isn’t that crazy?”

I miss getting a slice

I miss the way everyone carries a 2×4

I miss going up on Wednesdays to read slam poetry in the village

I miss taking an afternoon to walk the whole length of second avenue, in the bike lane

I miss playing third base for the Mets

I miss the Chopsticks Troll, the troll who stabs your feet with chopsticks until you pay the chopstick tax

I miss my acid dealer


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