I’ve had it up to here with AirBnB owners. 
I have not used an AirBnb in which there hasn’t been an unreasonable number of ghosts.
It is expected that most homes will have at least some kind of paranormal population. That is a given, and I have come to accept this.
I just had no idea how popular AirBnB was with paranormal entities. 
The paranormal populations I have encountered are much more diverse than is reasonable, with everything from your everyday run-of-the-mill poltergeists, to lemurs, ectoplasms and incubuses, all inhabiting homes AirBnB owners are calling “Safe, and within walking distance to the vibe.” 
 There’s a vibe alright, but it’s not human. 
I believe that, if only out of human and paranormal decency, one must disclose the exact number of ghosts that stay in a particular AirBnb, especially before it is rented out to a person who can hear the heartbeats of paranormal entities from miles away.
Do you have any idea what it’s like to try sleep when the entities are making such a clamoring that you can barely hear yourself think, let alone hear your deceased grandmother tell you a bedtime story?
And my god can they eat. 
The last AirBnB I stayed in, I made an incredible three course meal for myself, and the second I served it, it was taken by them. Every last morsel. And they had the nerve to tell me that the meat was undercooked!
It almost seems like they never sleep or run out of things to talk about. And when you tell them to shut it, they just retort by telling you to “live a little”.
They were were talking about getting a ouija board out to make up the number for a party they wanted to throw. I yelled that they stood a better chance using AirBnB.
And I will stand for it no longer. I can no longer be a party to this deceptive advertising. If there are ghosts, then say so.
AirBnB owners, please: disclose the quantity and variety of entities making up the paranormal demographics of your homes. 
It is our duty and right to know what exactly is crawling into bed with us, and whether it is benevolent or a manic ghoul.  



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