Chock Full of Guts Chocolate

Vanilla Spleen

Berry Berry Brainy

Funky Chunky

Blueberry Vein Swirl

Lip Smackin’ Lips

Lemonade Lungs

Strawberry Sweet Heart

Whole Corpse Chocolate Crunch

Chewy Gooey Uncle Louie

Yummy Tummy

Kidney Kandy

Juicy Cherry Artery

Wafers ‘n’ Ears

Fudgy Feet

Neapolitan Eyeball

Tangerine Tongue

Butt Pecan

Rocky Rump

Mint Chocolate Bone Chip

Cookies and Intestines

Luscious Liver

Cinnamon Fingers

Mango-Kiwi Tropical Toe Sorbet

Pralines ‘n’ Shoulder Meat

Butter Brickle Back Meat

Root Beer Throat Float

Banana Brain Swirl

Skin ‘n’ Chin With Chocolate Sprinkles

Jerry Garcia


The Higgs Weldon is a humor website with funny stories, articles, cartoons, and one liners. It was started by the Los Angeles stand-up comedy community, but takes submissions from everybody. Please read and enjoy our jokes!


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