Welp, it was a hell of a year, wasn’t it? From electing that rotten pumpkin with a raccoon on his head to losing Bowie, Prince and Princess Leia (um, squad goals!!) I think we can all agree: fuck 2016!

That got me thinking about how I can make next year better. What can I do that will be uniquely helpful and also uniquely me? I finally realized that any change I wanted to see had to start with me. That’s why I’m going to spending 2017 posting as much as possible.

I know what you’re thinking: you already post so much! Sure I do. I’ve built a brand around my long Facebook posts (if it doesn’t have a “See more…” you didn’t make your point!) Instagram captions and Twitter threads. But I’ve always known I could post more. After seeing just what a dumpster fire 2016 turned out to be, I knew that the only way for all of us to stay sane was for me to post even more in 2017.

In 2017, my choices of what to post will get a lot more impulsive. In 2016 I’d only post if I saw a movie I thought was actually everything, or a TV show that I thought totally sucked this year, or an article about how money is ruining politics, or a clip of John Oliver absolutely destroying the status quo, or Seth Meyers absolutely crushing some Republican fuckboy, or Stephen Colbert totally owning Trump with a killer pun, or an article about how millennials vote, or an article about what Trump voters are actually like, or anything Kate McKinnon does because she gives me life or a mashup of Hamilton and literally anything else because THIS. In 2017, I’ll post when I see all of those things and when I see a lot of other things, too.

Here are some of the new things I’ll be posting about in 2017:

working out

my grandparents


how messed up kids movies used to be


Star Wars

So if you’re looking around at 2017 and wondering, “Am I a garbage person or is 2017 the worst year ever?!” click on over to my feed. I’ll be the one posting.

I will also send some of my posts as group texts.



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