Is there something strange in your domestic space and/or object of personal value? Well, you know who to Whatsapp message: the Smithee Brothers, licensed ghostbusting professionals. Trust in our years of experience in the paranormal and the hunting of such, and let us rid you of that ghostly invader! Arrange for us to do a risk-free examination (travel expenses not incl.) of your situation (full discretion guaranteed), so that we can properly assess the type of specter we’d be dealing with. Pricing categories range from “nuisance from the beyond” at $499 to “full-blown parademon nightmare” at a very reasonably priced $3,499.

Full disclosure: Often enough, we’ll find that personal stress and/or living in an old house which has been labelled haunted by the local children and/or sightseeing tour guides will add to the overall rate of imagined ghostliness. But hey, at least you’ll have proof that it’s all in your head – so get your peace of mind today!


If there’s something weird and it don’t look good, you should call us: the Smithee Brothers, fully licensed and very serious ghostbusting professionals, who have made hunting ghosts their full-time day-job. Look, sometimes you just notice something weird in a room or in the face of a porcelain doll. It does not look good. We understand. Let us take a look to determine whether or not what you’re seeing is of a ghostly nature, or actually a side effect of bad piping or vibrating exhaust fans which can cause fear-inducing infrasound between 7 and 19 Hz, as is often the case. If so, we won’t laugh at you or be mad – we ARE professionals, after all – we’ll simply point you towards a service better suited to deal with your problem.

With that said, don’t wait, don’t hesitate or it might be too late! Ghosts are real and very dangerous! Leave it up to us, the professionals who do this for a living, to do deadly battle with them. We are fully equipped with advanced ghostbusting technology imported directly from Thailand and ready to get the job done! 


Are you sure you have a ghost in your house? Like, absolutely certain? If so, look no further for the answer to all your ghost-related problems! The Smithee Brothers, trained, licensed and expensively-equipped ghostbusting professionals, are at your service! We’ll bring our weaponry to your house, so we can look at a creepy doll or maybe stand in a cold spot in your living room. But don’t be alarmed! Most of the time we’ll just tighten some screws under your sink or call to have a busted fan replaced, but, hey, we’re always ready and eager to fight a real ghost – believe us! So, get your plumbing fixed and maybe also some ghostbusting done at a discounted price today.


Is there a cold draft or a vibrating pipe in your house that may cause you to believe, if only for a second, in the existence of supernatural entities? Don’t be stupid! We’re fully trained and licensed handymen who can tell you with absolute certainty: we ain’t afraid of no ghost, because, without exception, their appearance can be explained scientifically and is mostly caused by infrasound created by bad piping and loose screws. Let us rid you of your `ghost´, so you can shake your head in disbelief that you would ever even consider the possibility of paranormal specters just kind of hanging out in your house. Call us!


Looking to sell two state-of-the-art Ecto Goggles and Positron Colliders for use against negatively charged ectoplasmic entities. Good as new, no signs of use. No delivery. Must have own Hazmat suit!


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