The following post is a submission from our June 2013 monthly writing prompt, Invitation to the Worst Party Ever.

You are invited, so get excited!

Tom and Jesse’s annual party,
is next week and the theme is arty.

We’ll paint, we’ll sing, we’ll dance and more,
stop on by if you’re not a bore!

Of course the end of the evening will be grand,
with our famous yearly poetry slam!

We’ll slam to the left, we’ll slam to the right,
If we’re lucky we will slam all night.

And just like a DNA test on Maury,
This poetry slam is mandatory.

If you come to the party and do not slam,
Don’t think Tom and Jesse won’t give a damn.

We’ll give a damn or two or three,
and if you call us in the future we’ll say we’re busy.

But if you come to the party and slam away,
we’ll be happy to hang with you every day.

So bring a rhyme, stanza or verse,
to our apartment on August first!



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