The complete guide to all of your fall must-have wardrobe staples plus where to wear them.  

Ankle Booties

Ankle booties are an absolute must for many a fall occasion – perfect for stomping around at a local pumpkin patch as well as sprinting down to your local 7-11 for a frantic, late night hot dog purchase.  

A Blanket Scarf

Soft to the touch and warming to the upper torso, a blanket scarf can do wonders for your outfit as well as overall body temperature. Throw one on for a last minute getaway to wine country or an absolutely imperative drive to your local hot dog joint, mere minutes before they close.

A Slouchy Beanie

There’s no reason why your head shouldn’t look cute during the cooler months… A slouchy beanie is phenomenal for an outdoor movie screening or for braving a frigid grocery store on your quest for the perfect deli mustard for let’s say, oh I don’t know… a hot dog?

An Oversized Flannel Shirt

Nothing says fall quite like a buttery soft flannel shirt. This wardrobe staple is unparalleled in its ability to translate from a coffee date to a tomato patch in an effort to pick those perfect tomatoes for a homemade batch of ketchup to dress up any food really but more specifically a hot dog.

Wool Trousers

You simply cannot lose with a chic pair of wool trousers, the classic style wows during a powerpoint presentation or when you need something loose around your waist after eating one or ten too many hot dogs.

A Leather Jacket

Top off the whole ensemble with the leather jacket of your choice. You won’t regret it when you’re hunting for trinkets at a flea market or fleeing the country on your motorcycle because you are wanted for consuming too many hot dogs.



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