January Jones may be best known as Betty Draper of the critically acclaimed series Mad Men, but she also holds another important role: unsuccessful Los Angeles based comedian Emily Faye’s favorite celebrity. “Why?” you may wonder, “Why is January Jones, a woman I never think about, who is pretty and boring and elegant in a way that makes her seem like the princess of an icy land, your favorite celebrity?” The answer is a story. A story told by her instagram page. Were we not living, here and now, in this age of social media, we would be oblivious to the fact that this fine-boned blond actress who draws comparisons to Grace Kelly is, in actuality, the one person in this earthly realm who loves literally everything. She is a simple woman of the simplest pleasures and it is is the only thing that brings me joy. Come, take a stroll with me, down the lane of some of the things that January loves. 


January loves pickles!


unnamed (1)

January loves 420!



unnamed (2)

January loves stolen memes!



unnamed (3)

January loves this snake!



unnamed (4)

January loves adult coloring books!



unnamed (5)

January loves Betty Draper (and weed)!



unnamed (6)

January loves Fat Betty!



unnamed (7)

January loves the baby santa face hole filter!



unnamed (8)

January loves Hillstone Restaurant!



unnamed (9)

January loves classic old Hollywood!



unnamed (10)

January loves the Chili’s at O’Hare Airport!



unnamed (11)

January loves when it’s the month that is also her name!




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