We made it to January, PW-heads. What a month it has been, truly. Now here’s the latest in Paige News, e-delivered to your e-mail for your e-ntertainment.

Top Stories this Month

Spent 3 Days With My Parents and Lived
It wasn’t easy, but Christmas was a success in that I did not die.

Replaced My Futon with a Real Bed
I’m a grown up :(

Purchased New Shoes
Everyone has been commenting on them and it’s making me really self-conscious.

Resolved to Take the Microwave Out of My Car’s Trunk
Still working on it.

Is this a fire hazard?


Earlier in the Month: What You May Have Missed!

12/11 – Ate some free ziti in Mid-City.

12/26 – Contemplated mortality in a Hello Kitty art exhibit.

1/3 – Resolved to sabotage the resolutions of others.

Lol look what I saw at Target


Upcoming Events

1/13 – Replenishing car snacks.

1/23 – 1/26 – Going out of town, will likely leave some socks behind.

1/31 – More contemplation of mortality.

I was late to work so I could buy this


Did you get the Christmas gift I mailed you? It’s socks.

I hope you like socks.

Mom started a group text with me and Dad


There you have it, the last four weeks of Paige-tivities in one convenient Paige-mail. Have a great month and please let me know if you got the socks!

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