As everyone knows, Alaskan life is all about survival. From time to time, however, we do find ourselves with some leisure time on our hands, and we love to use that time to get FANCY AS FUCK WITH SICK-ASS CULTURE:

-Alaska’s Symphony Orchestra has enjoyed strong support from the community, as their instruments provide an excellent source of dry firewood in the winter months.

-The Alaska Museum of Modern Art is proud to display several original pieces of art by legendary Alaskan artist Cullpepper “Beardy” O’Hannigan. AMMA has had the honor of premiering all of his works, including “Camp Site,” “Pile of Beard Trimmings Next to Makeshift Shower” and his most famous work “Survival Tent” in which O’Hannigan erected a tent that he lives in year round.

-The Alaskan Theater Company currently holds the world record for longest continuous production of a play. The piece, written by Cullpepper O’Hannigan, consists of a young bear cub’s search for a magical jewel that will transform him into a human. Starring O’Hannigan and no other actors, the play began in 1977 and continues to this day.



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