-The Klondike Gold rush was initially conceived as a sequel to the vastly more popular California Gold Rush. Initial ideas for the title included “California Gold Rush II: This Time It’s Brrr-sonal” and “2 Cold 2 Get Gold.”

-Charlie Chaplin’s film set during this era remains the most accurate portrayal of the gold rush ever recorded. The only inconsistency, as noted by several historians, is Chaplin’s use of forks stuck into potatoes to pantomime dance. While this form of entertainment was common, prospectors were far more likely to use actual human feet removed because of frostbite, impaled at the end of elk bones.

-Among the hundreds of thousands of prospectors who raced north to find gold, only a single man would survive the journey. His name was Grady Stevens, and he would go on to establish the massive underground treasure vaults that exist to this very day, crisscrossing the state, hidden beneath layers of permafrost. Each year stout adventurers try and locate the entrance to the vaults but, as of this writing, not one has been able to solve the encrypted map hidden on the back of the Alaskan constitution.



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