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The Higgs Weldon’s live show is a mix of readings, characters, sketches, games and other silly stuff from our writers and columnists. Each show we put out a new zine, have the audience vote for that month’s caption contest, and eat cookies.

Monday, February 20
The Hollywood Improv Lab



At the end of each show, our performers compete in a series of games, with one winning out against the others. The current champion is…



Monika Scott

A first time Higgs Weldon champ, Monika made our November show magical. Her knowledge of email servers, US history and–most importantly–Robin and Paige easily took her to the top. 


October 2016 – Adam Allgood
September 2016 – Raj Desai
May 2016 – Finn Straley
March 2016 – Logan Guntzelman
January 2016 – Sam Wiles
September 2015 – Chase Bernstein
August 2015 – Logan Guntzelman
June 2015 – Chase Bernstein
May 2015 – Matt Champagne
April 2015 – Matt Champagne 
March 2015 – Sam Wiles
February 2015 (Tournament of Champions) – Zach Pugh
December 2014 – Joe Cabello
November 2014 – Zach Pugh
October 2014 – David Lynch (Devin Field)
September 2014 – David Lynch (Devin Field)
August 2014 – Ron Babcock
July 2014 – The Martin Duprass
March 2014 (Tournament of Champions) – The Martin Duprass
February 2014 – John Ungaro
January 2014 – Zach Pugh
December 2013 – The Butternut Boys (Devin Field & Finn Straley)
November 2013 – The Martin Duprass
October 2013 – Chase Bernstein
September 2013 – Asterios Kokkinos


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