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The Higgs Weldon’s live show is a mix of readings, characters, sketches, games and other silly stuff from our writers and columnists. Each show we put out a new zine, have the audience vote for that month’s caption contest, and eat cookies.

Monday, January 29
UCB Sunset



At the end of each show, our performers compete in a series of games, with one winning out against the others. The current champion is…



Monika Scott

A first time Higgs Weldon champ, Monika made our November show magical. Her knowledge of email servers, US history and–most importantly–Robin and Paige easily took her to the top. 


October 2016 – Adam Allgood
September 2016 – Raj Desai
May 2016 – Finn Straley
March 2016 – Logan Guntzelman
January 2016 – Sam Wiles
September 2015 – Chase Bernstein
August 2015 – Logan Guntzelman
June 2015 – Chase Bernstein
May 2015 – Matt Champagne
April 2015 – Matt Champagne 
March 2015 – Sam Wiles
February 2015 (Tournament of Champions) – Zach Pugh
December 2014 – Joe Cabello
November 2014 – Zach Pugh
October 2014 – David Lynch (Devin Field)
September 2014 – David Lynch (Devin Field)
August 2014 – Ron Babcock
July 2014 – The Martin Duprass
March 2014 (Tournament of Champions) – The Martin Duprass
February 2014 – John Ungaro
January 2014 – Zach Pugh
December 2013 – The Butternut Boys (Devin Field & Finn Straley)
November 2013 – The Martin Duprass
October 2013 – Chase Bernstein
September 2013 – Asterios Kokkinos


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