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Top Stories this Month

Moved to a New Apartment
You’ll have to come visit sometime! Yeah, we’ll totally figure something out soon.

Got a New Job
Ask me about it! Really let our conversation fizzle.

Almost Fell in Love
Jk, love is for the weak.

Left a Sandwich in My Car for Nine Days
Details available to Premium Subscribers. 

Look at me and this dog omg he loves me for some reason


Earlier in the Month: What You May Have Missed

8/5 – Great nap.

8/11 – Had a pretty good joke idea I forgot. Did I ever mention it to you? Please tell me if you remember (via my personal email—this is a no-reply address).

8/16 – DUDE, siiick breakfast burrito. I have to take you to this place on 8th.

Should I get this jacket?


Upcoming Events

8/22 – Might return those pants.

8/23 – 8/24 – Just gonna chill this weekend, catch up on sleep.

8/26 – Finish book?

You have to see these dogs I saw earlier


Did you read that article? I’ll send it to you. No it’s fine, I don’t mind.

Hahah look at this text from my mom


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