The Tactile Responses of Crelmington Chansley

Crelmington Chansley is a demure bookkeeper at an Italian betting salon. As a cast of eccentric characters visits him at his place of work, his responses become increasingly more tactile.

A Lonely Man Prepares a Simple Meal For Himself

A shocking evisceration of the isolation of modern life. This groundbreaking film takes place over the course of a single meal consisting of white rice, edamame stalks, and lightly seasoned cabbage. Based on a book by Haruki Murakami.


A brother and sister move in together after the death of a parent. After a tense first week, they discover a possibly magical hedgehog named Martin who teaches them valuable lessons about life, love, and California law relating to the ownership of hedgehogs. Paid for by the California Hedgehog Legalization fund (CHLF).

By the Skin of One’s Dick

This startling documentary presents a vitriolic argument against male circumcision in the United States. The culminating scene, involving the falsified self-castration of the filmmakers, actually caused this film to be classified as an act of terrorism in several countries.

Foreign People Whispering

This tour de force from acclaimed director Jealinè Coutinard Nbliano consists of eighty-one separate vignettes detailing modern life in a city located outside of the United States – possibly Prague, or maybe somewhere in a South American country. The viewer is left with a feeling of overwhelming guilt and sadness.

The Crucifixion of Josh

Autobiographical take on the life of filmmaker Josh Blivins, with a special focus on the time his mom grounded him for smoking pot and took his skateboard away for an entire week.


160 minutes of brutally honest, searing, insightful, hilarious, tragic, enigmatic, complex and emotionally vulnerable still images of sheep-dogs.


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