Origami Origin Story
September 18, 2014

17th Century A.D.

Hmm. Okay, I’ve got my writing utensil. I’ve got plenty of parchment. Nobody else is home. Time to get crackin’ on this here letter. Wait, what am I doing again? Oh yeah, Mother said the town blacksmith was looking for an apprentice and was accepting letters from people stating their qualifications. She said I need to have the courier boy send this off by the end of the week? Okay, I’ve got time. Let’s see… What are the qualifications again? I think he said he wanted an able-bodied young man with some knowledge of tools? Man, I’m hungry. There’s no food, though. Yawn. I need to get more sleep. Not now, though. Gotta write this letter. Hey, this piece of parchment is a perfect square. Ha! That’s weird. If I fold it in half this way, I’ll have two equal-sized triangles.  That’s kinda cool. Woah. I get four triangles if I fold it over again. Wait I need to be writing this letter. Ok so how do I start? Dear or Esteemed Blacksmith? Mister Blacksmith? Wait is that his last name? Hold on. If I go back to two triangles and then I kind of fold up the edges, it’s like giving this thing some pointy ears. Dude! All I need to do now is fold this top part down and IT’S A FUCKING CAT FACE. Hooooooly shit. Wait, what’s that sound? Fuck, Mother’s home. I’ll finish this letter tomorrow, I guess.


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