Following the success of Fuller House, a show that has not debuted yet but is sure to be a hit, Netflix has begun commissioning all sorts of 90s reboots! Here’s a small list of upcoming shows.



So no one told you life was gonna be this vague! Are YOUR squad goals to have weird tension with your friends, and also passively kinda hate them? This squad does exactly that! But it’s in New York City and they live in the same complex and go to the coffee shop all the time so they’re somehow more appealing than your average group of friends. S•Q•U•A•D! Yeah, you’ll bitch about them, but they’re all way too attractive to ever stop hanging out with.

Are You Afraid of The Darkweb?


Teens in a chat room called The Website Society share spoooooooky stories of the craziest stuff they’ve seen outside of the regular Internet. Gambling? Hitmen? Really, Really Hard Drugs? A dece torrent of The Life of Pablo and ANTI? The only thing more terrifying is how net neutrality is coming to an end.

Mad About You Online


Join Paul Reiser and Helen Hunt as that couple you know who argue with each other on your Facebook timeline! They offer petty condescension and even complete flame wars at one another rife with the most scathing reaction gifs and obscure references! How long will they throw shade instead of throwing dog pictures and memes? Will they ever learn the rule to never be openly mad online? Featuring lots and lots of pictures of dogs, and later, their dang baby, of course.

Hey Dude, That’s Problematic


Hey, Dude. Uh, we know you mean well and aren’t doing it on purpose but you’re really triggering some of the girls on the ranch? And… you’re calling Danny Lightfoot, “Chief?” Is that right? We hate to be this way, but like, you can’t really hang out at the Bar None Dude Ranch for awhile. We’ll text you when it’s cool, okay? Okay, peace.

The Locked Instagram Account of Alex Mack


What’s she hiding in there? She’s weird now.

Ally McBeal

Ally McBeal Final

She’s sassy, she’s single, and she’s always bragging about her trans best friend! Ally McBeal (prounced “Ally,” not “Ally”) wants you to know that she is, “like, down, like, way down,” with you being Hispanic. And if anyone treats you differently in front of her, she will pop off, whether you want that or not! Will Ally ever stop going on dates with all your friends of color only once? Tune in, find out, have a panic attack!


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