This film contains:
ASSIACB — Adult Situations Specifically Involving A Custody Battle
UWT — Unnaturally White Teeth
FEPISM — Female Exiting Pool In Slow Motion
DWAICSO — Desk With All Its Contents Swiped Off
JWSIAIBIBBGC — Judge Who Says “I’ll Allow It, But It Better Be Good, Counselor”
SBWI — Sunglasses Being Worn Indoors
FLSTID — Flat Line Sound To Indicate Death
PEBRSAPS — Poor Editing Between Restaurant Scene And Park Scene
LFBG — Laid-back Fat Bearded Guy
IIHS — Idiot In Hawaiian Shirt
UCWHIH — Upset Character With Head In Hands
ACWYGOAP — Angry Character Who Yells “Get Out” And Points
MYP — Moron Yelling “Paaaarty”
SLAFBFOFL — Somewhat Less Attractive Female Best Friend Of Female Lead
CULELATG — Character Underwater Looking Existentially Lost Ala “The Graduate”
DTPB — Dog That Plays Basketball
TMITEM — This Movie Is The “Entourage” Movie



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