Trying to break into the entertainment industry? Looking to get a foot in the door? This is an entry-level opportunity for a driven self-starter. This may also lead to additional internship opportunities. Students, or recent college graduates in marketing and PR are encouraged to apply. Masters degree preferred.

I am an up and coming stand-up comedian with a great online presence looking to take it to the next level! You will be responsible for managing facebook, twitter, instagram, vine, tumblr, pinterest, linkedin, spotify, and other social media accounts and posting outrageous content on an hourly basis. Only those with their own laptop computer can be considered for this position.

The ideal candidate should also be comfortable cold calling media outlets to inquire about bookings, interviews, feature pieces and appearances. You will also be responsible for signing me up at open mics. This means you will need your own car. You will not be compensated for gas but there is a possibility of free meals at the church across the street from my downtown apartment. You will be responsible for picking up meals for both of us.

Occasionally you will also need to pick up my headshots (this is a chance to work with an award-winning photographer) and then distribute them in agency and studio parking lots. PLEASE BE OUTGOING WITH A FUN AND ENTHUSIASTIC PERSONALITY (attach a picture in your e-mail).

Ideally, you can work full time, but I’m very flexible about how you break that up. You will be needed for both daytime and nighttime hours and will often be on call should I need you to provide immediate updates to my twitter, facebook, or live journal, or if I just need someone to talk to.

Please meet all of these requirements before contacting me and include a cover letter describing why you would be perfect for this job!

Looking forward to working with you.

Compensation: Unpaid

Authors Note: A little over half the sentences of this piece were farmed directly from craigslist ads for unpaid internships.



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