I’m allergic to all foods that are not B-Dubs boneless wings. I hate the establishment, but have no other options if I wish to survive another week. 

I am the undercover boss on Undercover Boss, Mrs. Wingies herself.

I’m spreading my recently deceased uncle’s ashes at his favorite restaurant.

I am foreign and think that Buffalo meat is a fancy American delicacy and this is where to get it.

I am sad and just saw a 2:30 pm movie alone next door.

I was stood up for a first date by a man who was taking me out at 4:30 on a Thursday to Buffalo Wild Wings.

Frumpy daytime prostitute exclusively after the ‘very low-level businessmen on a lunch break’ demographic.

I am a food critic for Bon Appétit Magazine.

Chickens are my sworn enemy and I’m determined to eat as many wings as the hours in a day will allow until I have driven them extinct. 

This is the last place my husband was seen before he mysteriously disappeared and I’m looking for clues.

Ladies Love Cool Wings! 


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