Gone With the Window Box: This is one of my favorite boxes. It features raw cotton creations by talented local artists. This month’s box included cotton crowns for my backyard statue of Robert E. Lee, a cotton centerpiece and lighted cotton swags I shall surely use for the upcoming ball. While the contents of this box are always surprising, I did find the quality a little lacking again this month. The quality of the cotton could bear with a little fancy work. Donates $.10 to the Kamelias of the Kotton Klan for every box sold.

Birthin’ Babies Box: While I am not personally expecting, I always enjoy getting this box in the mail and will pass it onto my house girl. This month’s box included a glass bottle, a charming “Wet Nurse” graphic apron, a cornhusk doll kit for the big sister and a Plantation Girl Girdle. Birthin’ Babies kindly spoiled the graphic apron, which made everyone at our needlepoint smile, but not lactate.

The Fabric of Your House: This box honestly came in the very nick of time. Each month, this box provides fabric that you might find in your home with project instructions. It was like they knew exactly what I needed: 42 yards of dark green upholstery fabric and matching ribbon. I have to give up some boxes because of the war but I will definitely keep this one. Keep in mind that boxes are tailored to each individual. One of my fellow reviewers got 42 yards of a different green upholstery fabric that enabled her to create not only her own dress but also play clothes for her seven young charges.

White Apron Box: I have never learned to cook. The White Apron Box is a godsend. Carefully curated recipes, spices and food items like collards and chitlins are prepared and packed by the hands of plantation cooks give the modern woman a way to feed her family when cornbread and beans are becoming passé. This month’s box was curated by my very own Hattie on her monthly day off.

Try the South: Southerners missing the old south can feel a new sense of nostalgia with this intriguing box. Spoiler item for this month: framed maps of the infamous Underground Railroad. If you want your map personalized with your employee’s current locations, contact Try the South before the 15th.

Plantation Made Deluxe: This mystery box provides fascinating and often historical home décor items that will add to your home. Selected rustic home décor items can include pieces of log homes, lanterns and fun outhouse décor. One monthly winner will receive a room of reclaimed, Sherman-burned flooring.

Melanie’s Memory Makers: My very best friend Melanie has brought the jewelry of our staff to your monthly subscription box. From tags to shackles, she brings the innovative items from her Etsy shop to your mailbox. While she tries to send your specific initials when possible, you are guaranteed to receive a beautiful piece of repurposed jewelry.

Pop of White: Adding a statement pop of white to your plantation is as simple as subscribing to this box. Expect everything from antlers spray painted white to a container of canned eggs whites. Previous boxes have included white ticking pillows and loaves of white bread. Every box will contain at least 5 décor items and one intriguing white food item to bring the white to your home.




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