Single and Searching

Every Monday on ABC, Bachelorette Monica searches for a soulmate amongst a bevy of men vying for her love, who must compete in weekly challenges, with the losers facing elimination.

Episode 1: “The Dame and the Drinker”

Monica meets the men and throws a party to get to know them better, but Jon’s drinking quickly becomes a problem and ruins the evening. The men have to compete in a sandcastle challenge. Hosted by Maria Menounos.

Ratings: 800,000 viewers

Episode 2: “Three Sheets to the Wind”

Jon’s drinking gets out of hand after he drinks four liters of vodka and attacks one of the other guys. Monica has the men compete in a laundry challenge.

Ratings: 1,000,000 viewers

Episode 3: “King of the Hill”

With the previous week’s elimination, and Jon’s removal from the show, Monica is down to 11 hopeful bachelors. They compete in a challenge to see who can carry the most crowns up a hill.

Ratings: 300,000 viewers

Episode 4: “Fool Me Once”

Much to the dismay of the other contestants, Jon returns in a wild card challenge, but things quickly turn sour when he drinks too much and attacks several of the other contestants. Monica has the men compete in a battle of wits.

Ratings: 1,200,000 viewers

Episode 5: “Searching for Souperman”

The men compete in a soup cook-off.

Ratings: 200,000 viewers

Episode 6: “Kiss, Kiss. Bang, Bang”

Down to the final eight, Monica and Daniel kiss, but she fears it might be a mistake. Monica takes the men to the shooting range.

Ratings: 60,000 viewers

Episode 7: “Heels Over Head”

Jon returns as the show’s new co-host, but Monica and the final seven are not happy. The men introduce Monica to their families and Jon tags along.

Ratings: 2,000,000

Episode 8: “Home is Where the Heart Is”

With Daniel and his family recuperating in the hospital after Jon’s drunken outburst, Monica decides to stay in Daniel’s hometown for the night, leaving the men in the house with Jon. Monica returns and must eliminate two men.

Ratings, 2,600,000

Episode 9: “Two to Tango”

The house mourns Jon’s passing after having found him dead in the pool the week before. Monica must decide who will be in the top two.

Ratings: 30,000,000

Episode 10: “Finale”



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